We grow the following varieties, and more...

Phalaenopsis Miltonia Cattleya Paphiopedilum
Phalaenopsis Miltonia Cattleya Paphiopedilum
Epidendrum Dendrobium Odontoglossum Vanda
Epidendrum Dendrobium Odontoglossum Vanda

We specialize in unique cymbidiums. From award winners to coveted collector species, our collection is highly diverse. All of our cymbidiums are outdoor-grown, making the transition from our nursery to your house seamless. Here are just some of the many cymbidium varieties we offer:

Cym. Isle 'Flamingo' Cym. Tracyanum Cym. Mighty Sunset 'Floricultura'
Isle Flamingo Tracyanum Mighty Sunset 'Floricultura'
Cym. Vidar 'Harlequin' Cym. Tistronkobb 'Peaches' Cym. Narela 'Jennifer Gail'
Vidar 'Harlequin' Tistronkobb 'Peaches' Narela 'Jennifer Gail'
Cym. Dorsetspectrum Cym. John Wooden 'Nina' Cym. Gladys Whitesell
Dorsetspectrum John Wooden 'Nina' Gladys Whitesell
Cascading Varieties Cym. Lovely Moon
Green Cascading Cymbidium Lovely Moon 'Crescent'

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