Cymbidium Joan Taylor

Our fondness for orchids began in 1985 when owner Paolo Di Candia gave his wife Nina (co-owner) a cymbidium for their anniversary. Inspired by the cymbidiums beauty, Nina decided to enter it into an orchid competition at the San Francisco Orchid Society Show and won the award of Best Cymbidium in Show!

The excitement from this unexpected surprise lead the new orchid hobbyists to join many societies and learn all about the requirements and care needed to help their growing collection flourish. Finally in 1991, Nina looked around at their vast collection and thought, I don't know what to do with all of them!

In the hope of spreading our love for this special family of plants (and perhaps also out of need to make more room), Orchids Fiori D'Amore was born.

We are members of the following societies:

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